Welcome to Preferred Colloidal Silver


Preferred Colloidal Silver  ( formerly known as Pro-Vida  Col-Sil. from CS Pro Systems , Inc. )  has been recently acquired from Dr. Marx, who long ago decided he would do only one thing – Colloidal Silver- and do it better than anyone else!  Now over 25 years later he has turned over the production of his Colloidal Silver to” Preferred Colloidal Silver , LLC “.  And Preferred Colloidal Silver will continue to make the Highest Quality Colloidal Silver on the market with the expertise and production equipment Dr. Marx has perfected.  We will match the Quality and Efficacy of our  ” PC-Silver ” against any other Colloidal Silver product available.

Note:  Colloidal Silver is classified as a  ” Nutritional Dietary Supplement” by the FDA/CFSAN  Dietary Supplement Health & Education ( DSHEA ) of 1994.



Dr Marx is the leader in developing new processes, and the manufacturing of advanced systems for producing ” Ultra -High Quality” colloidal silver.  And he has developed, and we are proud to say,  he has manufactured the utmost advanced equipment to produce colloidal silver for “Preferred Colloidal Silver , LLC ”   CS PRO SYSTEMS










“PC-Silver” Terms, Conditions and Shipping Info:

  • NO Cancellations, Returns, Or Refunds for Liquid PC-Silver products
  • Sorry – We do not ship Liquid Colloidal Silver outside the continental US.
  • Cannot ship to PO Boxes only physical addresses.